Pete's Tire & Automotive Service
4.79/5.00, based on 61 ratings; 52 user reviews

  John & Janeane, 12/16/2018

Good service and friendly staff.

  Grisedla, 11/08/2018

Great customer service

  Kgm, 10/18/2018

Our driver had a unit that needed 2 new tires. We received very prompt service and were charged a reasonable fee. Very professional. We will definitely use Pete's Tire Service again.

  Joe & Irene, 10/11/2018

My husband and I always appreciate the service we receive at Pete's Tire!

  Loretta, 07/19/2018

Great service, just as previously! These guys are honest, courteous, skilled professionals! I'm impressed, and a fan! You can trust they will be up front & fair, and only do work that needs to be done on your vehicle.

  Cedric, 06/28/2018

Nice place reasonable price thanks pete?s My truck running real good

  Robbin, 06/28/2018

Pete?s Tire and Automotive fixed my windshield wiper motor in a very fast and charged me a reasonable price. They also took me took me home and picked me up when it was done. I will be using them for all my automotive problems!

  Rolando, 03/29/2018

Great customer service and follow up. Affordable work and they are very fast.

  Brian, 02/22/2018

Good location, Honest work, fast service!, Good price for someone like me. Comfortable place to wait. 5 stars will return again.

  Wynne, 02/22/2018

Once again the gang at Pete's went above and beyond being helpful. Even though I'm moving out of the area, I will continue to take my car to Pete's. Great service and prices.Thanks so much Daphne for helping my granddaughter while I was out of town.

  Beverly, 02/15/2018

i went to get a brake light fixed and inspection and tire pressure checked....the brake light and inspection were perfect, but my light in the car is still on for tire pressure and it won't go off

  Adriana, 12/08/2017

Great people, great service.

  M.A.S., 10/26/2017

Great work by great, thoughtful, people - keep up great work chaps!!!

  Earnest, 10/19/2017

Awesome place with which to do business.

  M.A.S., 10/13/2017

Thanks to Pete and Crew, my old Toyota Girl is back on the road!!! THANK YOU, CHAPS - I don't know what I and my Old Girl would do without you chaps! :-)

  M.A.S., 09/21/2017

Pete's Tyres (oops, sorry! TIRES!) are the best that I have found in the 60 years I've lived in America and the 50 here in Texas!! :-) They can be trusted for the work and thankful for the cost - KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK, CHAPS AND CHAPESSES!!! :-)

  M.A.S., 08/17/2017

Pete's Tyre (oops, sorry! TIRE!!) have been keeping my old Toyota safely on the road for over 12 years - GREAT JOBS ALWAYS WELL DONE!!! My grateful "thanks" to Pete and a great crew!

  Clarence, 08/03/2017

they were quick and did the job well. What else can you ask for

  Clayton, 05/25/2017

Pete's Tire can be counted on to always be honest and complete all work in a professional manner.

  Galen, 05/25/2017

Very good service and did just what they said they would at the exact price. Will use them again.